We have a wide range of interesting trips and activities to help you learn about local culture and customs. Our close relationship with the local community allows our guests to see the real Ghana. These activities can be arranged on your arrival. 


Bespoke holidays

Choose which activities you are interested in and we will include this in your final quote.

Pulling in the fishing nets on the beach with the fishermen

Most mornings on the beach in front of Meet Me There you will see, and hear, the fishermen pulling in their nets. You can join them and help pull in the nets. If you are adventurous you can join the boat crew who lay the net at dawn. 



Swimming and Canoeing

In front of Meet Me There is a large salt water lagoon which is perfect for swimming. Most guests spend a lot of time in the lagoon cooling down and playing in the sun. 


Keta Slave Fort

There are slave forts along the coast of Ghana, and the fort in Keta is the closest to MMT. This is a difficult and sad trip, but it is a chance for us to show our respect and remember those who were taken from Africa as slaves not so long ago.


Volta River Boat Trip


Perhaps everyone's favourite outing, this boat trip down to Volta river to the sea is really good fun. Staff members from MMT, with some cool drinks head for the boat on the Volta River. We make our way down the river to the sea, where we hop off the boat and look around the spit of land where the river and the sea meet. We may spend some time here exploring, looking for shells,  playing football, having a meal, and generally mucking about. or we will visit the famous "rum island" where we'll sample he local cane rum. From there we cruise around the lagoon behind Ada, and then continue back up the river. If numbers allow we'll take our local cultural group who will drum and sing for us as we go.


Have your own clothes made, and learn how to sew with the local seamstress

There is an impressive range of material available in Ghana. We have an onsite seamstress, and an offsite tailor, and many of our visitors love to buy material at the markets and have some clothes made up for themselves. If you are interested you can join the sewing ladies and learn how to sew. This is a brilliant way of getting to know local characters of our community and see what a usual day at work is like for a Ghanaian in our locality.

Local Markets

The markets run in rotation, and take place in different villages on specific days. They all have their own particular character and are a very important part of local life. We get most of what we need for MMT at these markets and all our visitors love to explore these bustling, colourful, lively marketplaces. 

Cultural events, funerals and weddings

Funerals are extremely important affairs in African society. A funeral takes place over a month in a series of events aimed at mourning the departed person, honouring their life and ensuring that they are well taken care of in the afterlife. It is considered an honour to have someone from MMT visit a local funeral. You will be invited to partake in the dancing and celebrations.


Visit Mamishie Rasta's ceremony

Mamishie Rasta is a local shamanic diviner and her group have a particularly wild celebration every Friday. Local folklore says that she disappeared into the sea for a few years and returned with magic powers from the ocean. Her ceremonies are pretty dramatic and one part of the ritual involves a large crocodile. 


The turtle season is September - April and these beautiful animals come on to our beach to lay their eggs. In the season there is always a chance that you will be awoken by our staff to come and witness this breathtaking moment. 


Bird watching

Our lagoon is a great place for bird watching with different species making it a common bathing spot.


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